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If you're a farmer-producer, consider becoming a member. 

Membership Application
Lucknow Co-op is an agricultural co-operative whose mission is to improve the profitability of its members by offering value-added goods and services. 

 Local Ownership Global Buying Power  

Lucknow Co-op is a locally owned by area farmers, locally managed, & provides locally based service & expertise with an international global market reach. Lucknow Co-op is a member-owner of Growmark Inc. & markets products & services under the FS brand.  

We Abide to the Seven Co-operative Principles. 


  • Voluntary & open membership  
  • Democratic member control  
  • Member economic participation  
  • Autonomy & independence  
  • Education, training & information  
  • Co-operation among co-operatives  
  • Concern for community  


Our Profits are Your Profits

Any earnings realized by Lucknow Co-op, after paying the cost of goods & operating expenses, are either reinvested in the business or declared through patronage dividends to its members based on requirements  of the business. The Board of Directors makes this decision annually.

One Member = One Vote

Each member has one vote & shares equal influence with other members. You are invited to the annual meeting where you can raise issues for discussion.

Member-Elected Board of Directors

Members are responsible for electing the Board of Directors, which establishes the co-op’s policies & strategies. The daily operation of the business is under the direction & supervision of the General Manager, who answers to the Board of Directors.


A membership in Lucknow Co-op requires a $1 fee per member and approval by the board of directors. When the membership application is accepted by the Lucknow Co-op Board of Directors the applicant will be entitled to earn patronage based on their support of the business. 
Return your completed membership application, along with your payment to the Lucknow Co-op location closest to you to begin your application process.  
Membership Application

Board of Directors


Glen Gibson


David Gibson


Brian MacKenzie


Brad Gilchrist

Sean Martin

Murray Curran

James Dickie

Perry VanOsch

Matthew Eadie

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